Walking the Talk

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Walking the Talk

Simon Wallace | 5th August 2014

Walking the Talk is doing what you say you are going to do and what you expect others to do too!

Walking the talk is a fundamental for any leader to turn idea into action and shape the behaviour required to create a happy, prosperous, learning environment and sustainable business.

People may listen to you but will only follow you if they trust you! A key component of winning and maintaining trust and confidence is repeatedly demonstrating the promises that you make and the values that you quote, by delivering these in your decisions and actions.

You can turn this insight into action by thinking carefully about this need to walk the talk.

Walking the talk can make or break an organisation’s success.

Your talk talks and your walk talks, but your walk talks louder than your talk talks. John C. Matthew

Are you ‘walking the talk’?

About the Author

Simon Wallace is founder of The Whole Thing Group and passionate about performance improvement. Creative entrepreneur and trusted advisor to some great companies that are achieving great things.

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