Training Delivery that Excites, Improves Performance and Creates Lasting Change

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Training Delivery that Excites, Improves Performance and Creates Lasting Change

Simon Wallace | 10th June 2014

Training delivery that excites, improves performance and creates lasting change requires careful planning and preparation prior to delivery as well as effective evaluation throughout.

The organisation’s training needs analysis (TNA) will include the results of the organisation’s performance management activity that will identify specific development needs across the organisation’s structure. The organisations strategy should then be used to determine the particular competencies and training priorities required to drive the organisation faster in the chosen direction.

A ‘SMARTER’ approach to training development will ensure alignment and the shortest time, meaning training should be:

  • Specific – share the correct knowledge and practice required
  • Measureable – understood, targeted and easily measured
  • Attainable – practical and easy to implement
  • Relevant – maximise the impact on the individual and the organisation
  • Time-bound – viewed as a journey not a pit-stop
  • Evaluated –  reviewed to ensure that it is making a difference
  • Rewarded – motivating to demonstrate new behaviour and deliver better results


A SMARTER approach to training will make normal organisations great places to work; places where training investment is celebrated rather than rejected because the training event makes a difference.

Is your training delivery exciting, improving performance and creating lasting change?

Could your approach to training be SMARTER?

About the Author

Simon Wallace is founder of The Whole Thing Group and passionate about performance improvement. Creative entrepreneur and trusted advisor to some great companies that are achieving great things

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