Sales Development Pathway at Al Futtaim FAMCO

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Sales Development Pathway

Al Futtaim FAMCO – Middle East  | 2013-14 

FAMCO Sales Development Pathway

FAMCO Sales Development Pathway consists of 3 levels aimed at aligning their sales people to sales strategy; building sales competency and developing a consistent approach to selling. Most importantly to improve their profitability in the competitive Middle East market. 

FAMCO engaged The Whole Thing to create and deliver all Level 1 courses in this pathway. This meant delivery of the following courses to a group of over 100 sales people located across the region:

  • Sales Negotiation Skills (2-day)
  • Selling the FAMCO Way (1-day)
  • Business Communication (1-day)

Sales people left this training with a sales toolkit and a focus on our 5-step sales negotiation process so able to plan, bargain and close the sale much better with positive communication and a win/win approach. Each were a clear of their sales development priorities and prepared a honed action plan that was shared with their Manager, engaged to keep learning going. 

Video and replay was used throughout for fun, immediate insight and evidence of the real progress made.


FAMCO has been able to demonstrate measured success from this Level 1 Sales Training and The Whole Thing continues to receive excellent Reaction and Learning from all interventions given.  

Further details available upon request

About Al-Futtaim FAMCO

FAMCO is the region’s largest equipment and commercial vehicle distributor. With over 30 brands such as Volvo Truck, Bus and Construction Equipment, Doosan, Linde Material Handling, Himonisa Generators and Ingersoll Rand Industrial Solutions supporting 6 industries across 6 countries. FAMCO is part of the Al Futtaim Group one of the most progressive regional business houses headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Al-Futtaim employs in excess of 42,000 people and operates in 31 countries through more than 200 companies. 

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