Protect Profit through Effective Sales Pitch

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Protect Profit through Effective Sales Pitch

Simon Wallace | 6th May 2014

Your sales team is responsible for generating profit using effective sales techniques, skills usually attained through a mix of training and career development.

One percent lost from top line revenue can result in a ten or more percent deduction from bottom line profit; therefore, protecting profit through an effective sales pitch is a critical success factor in the selling process.

An effective selling technique must be supported by equally effective marketing, both focussed toward satisfying customer needs at a profit. This means understanding exactly what the customer needs and why they buy from your organisation.

When you have the answers to these questions my advice is to include the top 3 to 4 reasons ‘why people buy’ in your sales pitch, this could be:

My organisation has:

  • Quality Products/Services that will not let you down
  • Qualified Staff that can help you choose
  • Great Service that ensures reliability
  • Track Record that prove our offer works

These benefits are what make your organisation special and are part of the organisation’s value proposition, which is chargeable.

You have just established the foundations for a successful negotiation through an effective sales pitch.

Oh yes, remember to smile!

About the Author

Simon Wallace is founder of The Whole Thing Group and passionate about performance improvement. Creative entrepreneur and trusted advisor to some great companies that are achieving great things.

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