About This Project

Sales Development Programme

Crane Co. MEA |  14-16 Jun 2015

We are proud to have been working with CRANE CO. MEA since 2015.

This tailored workshop was the first in a sales development for this group to develop their selling competency so that they could confidently and more efficiently plan, identify and close orders excellent sales results.

Further details available upon request

About Crane Co.

Crane Co., founded in 1855 by founder R.T. Crane,  has 125 locations in 25 countries across the globe. Crane Co. operates four business segments, each of which designs and manufactures highly engineered industrial products. Their businesses are all known for proprietary and differentiated technology, quality and reliability, deep vertical expertise, and responsiveness to unique customer needs. They serve some of the most demanding end markets, from aerospace & defence, bill validation and counterfeit detection, banknote design and production, and oil & gas, to chemical, pharmaceutical, transportation, and many others.

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