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Leadership Event

Northern Marine Group | 6 Oct 2016

We are proud to have worked with Northern Marine Group.

This tailored leadership event for Northern Marine Group leaders (form the UK, India, Russia, Latvia, Philippines, Singapore, Sweden and China) coached this group on leadership and interviewing techniques. The ILM72 psychometric measure was used to explore two important elements: Adopted Leadership Style and Leadership Effectiveness in terms of Leadership Behaviour for much deeper insight into the opportunities to improve their identification and selection of Stena’s future leaders.

Further details available upon request

About Northern Marine Group 

The Northern Marine Group​ is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stena AB​. Stena is currently one of the largest family-owned group of companies in Sweden. Stena’s success over the years has been achieved by continuously caring about its customers, providing innovative solutions and by perfect performance. ​​Formed in 1983 with our global headquarters in Clydebank, UK, the Northern Marine Group has grown from a ship management provider to a group of companies offering the full spectrum of marine and offshore services.

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