The Whole Thing aims to help business and professional individuals realise their total potential. 


Best performance; better lives



Create great places to work that are profitable, high performing and deliver ambitions. To exceed expectations through consulting and training excellence.



  • Commitment 
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Equality
  • Success
  • Fun

Welcome to The Whole Thing

The Whole Thing World, our UK head office was incorporated in 2010 with a goal to construct a very special profitable organisation that helps business and professional individuals realise their total potential.


Our name is meant to make you smile but then understand the significance of ‘whole’ to delivering performance improvement. Our ‘whole’ means synergy, the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts, adopting a holistic approach to development and offering a complete range of high performance consulting and training solutions that work.


Our ‘high performance’ is a level that once reached allows you to continually outperform your competition, a mind-set where you believe everything is possible and nothing is impossible and a catalyst for your change.


Our combined consulting and coaching method and delivery process is quite unique and give The Whole Thing its edge.


The Whole Thing has no boundaries, a wealth of experienced consulting and training talent and is making significant progress towards its goal with offices now in UK and UAE helping major international organisations and professional individuals improve.


The Whole Thing is an emerging consulting and training organisation supported by a UK head office.


Take time to enjoy our website, your window on The Whole Thing World!


We look forward to the prospect of helping you very soon.


Simon Wallace


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