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Dr Nicola Crawford

Senior Associate of The Whole Thing Group, UK














Dr. Crawford has been a trailblazer in her career as an academic, an educator and in leadership

As a chemistry student in her final year she discovered an accurate and rapid technique for the determination of aluminium levels in the water used prior to dialysis. While studying her PhD she worked out the composition of the corrosion products contained in lead water pipes and the effect on our drinking water.


In education, she pioneered innovative teaching methods which recognised the importance of embedding ‘skills for life’ into the academic curriculum.


As a Director she became the first woman with a non-maritime background to lead the Faculty of Nautical Studies at City of Glasgow College and indeed in the UK. This involved operating strategically and Internationally to build a maritime education portfolio. It was through her UK and International network that she developed an in depth understanding of the skills and knowledge that businesses require today. Her unique leadership approach transformed the area over her tenure and the development of the “Empowered” Leadership Masterclasses have been taken from her experience, research and looking forward to the skills required in the digital age.


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