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Major Contract Negotiation

Duration : 1 days

Major Contract Negotiation Skills for Great Selling Results



Senior sales personnel, key account managers and business development mangers that want to learn (or relearn) and improve their major contract negotiation competency for maximum impact so that they can get the very best results from their selling in pursuit maximum sales performance and the organization’s goals. 



Conducting major contract negotiation is a complex activity that requires the development of a full range of skills. Top negotiators help their organisation save money and make higher profits. Mastery of the major contact negotiation is vital for effective selling performance and individual and team contribution that drives business growth. 


Major Contract Negotiation is a proven and very practical approach to major negotiation that builds upon the Sales Negotiation Skills course previously given. This course covers the three elements that normally need most development, namely planning negotiations, conducting negotiations and documenting negotiations. The program takes a holistic view of sales negotiations at a normal level and introduces the delegate to the fundamental knowledge, skills and attitude required to behave effectively and confidently manage any sales negotiation to a great result.  


The program is well researched, knowledge-based and designed with the individual learner at the centre of the learning process which means that the course is extremely interactive and practical. 



By the end of this course delegates will be able to: 

  • Determine major contract negotiation  
  • Determine your role in the major contract negotiation  
  • Determine the importance of the team approach on major contact negotiation  
  • Identify who and when to involve certain stakeholders in the major contract negotiation process  
  • Identify techniques to establish a positive major contract negotiating environment and to avoid early negotiations that are focused on price alone  
  • Determine the effect of different cultures and nationalities on the major contract negotiation process  
  • Apply the tools and techniques learnt in earlier programs given to plan, bargain and close a major negotiation exercise  
  • Recognize how to assess risk and implement contingency in event of non-agreement 
  • Produce drive to self-develop in major contract negotiation  
  • Produce positive impact on the overall performance of each delegate and the organization  






Understanding Major Contract Negotiations 

  • What are Major Contracts? 
  • Major Contract Negotiation Process 
  • The Benefits of Major Contract Success 


Major Contract Competency 

  • Exercise –   Construct a Skills Matrix for a Major Contract Negotiator and Self- assess against each skill to confirm individual strengths, weaknesses and development needs 
  • Overcoming Limitations 


Unlocking Major Contract Negotiation Success 

  • 3 Critical Phases of Negotiation  
  • Planning; Bargaining and Closing 


Planning Major Contract Negotiation 

  • Prepare yourself and your team 
  • Know the other party 
  • Know the big picture 
  • Activity – Situation Analysis, SWOT Analysis 
  • Activity – Major Contract Stakeholder Analysis  
  • Identify objectives 
  • Create options 
  • Prioritize objectives 
  • Activity – Idea Generation, Evaluating Options and Options Grid 
  • Select fair standards  
  • Examine alternatives 
  • Select your strategy, tactics and counter tactics 
  • Activity – Goal setting and sales controls for major contracts 
  • Develop a solid and approved team negotiation plan 
  • Activity – Prepare a negotiation plan summary for a major contract 


Bargaining and Major Contract Negotiation 

  • Determine who has the authority 
  • Prepare the facility 
  • Activity – Role play to demonstrate: use an agenda; introducing the team; setting the right tone; exchange information and focus on the objectives 
  • Use strategies, tactics and counter tactics  
  • Make counteroffers  
  • Document the agreement or know when to walk away 


Closing a Major Contract 

  • Document the Negotiation and Form the Contract 
  • Offer to write the contract 
  • Activity – Prepare the contract administration plan 
  • Prepare negotiation results summary and obtain results required reviews and approvals  
  • Send the contract to the other party for signature  
  • Provide copies of the contract to affected organisations 
  • Document lessons learnt 
  • Activity – Construct lessons learnt from last two major contract negotiations 
  • Contract administration plan 
  • Contract review(s) 




  • “Major Contract Negotiation” 


Major contract scenarios will be agreed with the Client prior to this course.  


Delegates will work in teams of 3 to 4 and asked to plan, bargain and close the major contract negotiation given during the course of the day, run as follows: 


Plan for Your Major Contract 

Prepare a negotiation plan summary for the major contract and present this to the whole group for review and feedback 


Bargain Your Major Contract 

Prepare for and role-play a meeting between buyer/seller that bargains the major contract; these sessions filmed for rewind and replay. 


Close a Major Contract 

Prepare the contract for the major contract closed and present this to the whole group for review and feedback  


Key Learning Review 

  • Group discussion and professional feedback to consolidate key learning. Delegates will leave the day with a list of development activities to improve their major contract negotiation competency back at work. 


Each delegate will be asked to complete a pre-course questionnaire to determine their individual learning objectives. These will be used by the trainer to give on track training that is focused on the individual learner attending. 


The most appropriate training format, content and approach for this course will be discussed with you prior to the start of your course.  



The individual leaves this program with a Personal Action Plan to encourage immediate transfer of training to the job.  



All our courses are evaluated at Kirkpatrick’s Reaction and Learning levels as part of our quality control process as follows: 


Level 1- Reaction- Training Course Evaluation Form  

This training course evaluation form is used to maintain and improve the standards of our training courses. 


Level 2- Learning- Pre and Post Training Test 

The test is confidential and used to evaluate our training, not the delegate. The results help us answer the question “Did people learn what we wanted them to learn from the training?” This test is run at the beginning and at the end of this training course. 


The Whole Thing can help properly position and align all learning and development with business priorities to ensure that effective evaluation is possible. We encourage all our clients to agree measures prior to any intervention so that return on investment (ROI) and process gets attention. 


Please contact The Whole Thing to explore the many ways that we can help you.  

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