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This course is CPD Certified with each day equivalent to 6.5 hours of CPD

Job Evaluation

Duration : 4 days 

Job Evaluation Practice for Fair Job Grading, Wage Structure and Accurate Job Descriptions that Deliver Great Results




HR analyst, other human resource, organizational development and learning and development personnel that want to improve their job evaluation competency that they can get the very best results from their leadership, teams and colleagues in pursuit of the organization’s goals.




Job evaluation is a method for comparing different jobs to provide a basis for a grading and rational pay structure. Establishing and managing a framework for job evaluation, understanding all the roles in an organization and describing those roles through either job profiles or job descriptions is one of the critical cornerstones of any HR department, and it is crucial to design and define the right job roles that support the organization’s goals and business objectives. Mastery of the job evaluation process allows organizations to effectively recruit, select, develop and reward their talent to ensure sustainable high performance and business growth.


Job Evaluation is a proven and very practical approach to job evaluation practice that covers all aspects of the job evaluation process paying particular attention to job analysis and the construction of job descriptions for better job evaluation results.


Information will be provided along with the key tools for performing Job Evaluations, developing and writing job descriptions and job profiles. Participants will have an opportunity to test ideas and establish what may work for them and the organization. This course will involve working in teams on practical case studies to gain detailed hands-on experience using tools and techniques for Job Evaluation that will be discussed throughout the course.
The program takes a holistic view of job evaluation and introduces the delegate to the knowledge, skills and attitude required to confidently create, communicate, implement and job evaluation project for great results.


The program is well researched, knowledge-based and designed with the individual learner at the centre of the learning process which means that the course is extremely interactive and practical.



By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

✓Determine job evaluation

✓Determine the key concepts and principals of job evaluation

✓Determine the job evaluation process and a practical approach to job analysis and the design and preparation of job descriptions

✓Determine how to effectively implement job evaluation

✓Practice new knowledge and skills before returning to work

✓Produce drive to self-develop in job evaluation

✓Produce positive impact on the overall performance of each delegate and the organization






Job Evaluation

  • Organizational need for job analysis and evaluation
  • An introduction to job analysis and job evaluation
  • Definition of job evaluation
  • Understand the main components of Job Evaluation and how to establish a Job Evaluation framework
  • Know how to use Job Evaluations to understand job roles and accountabilities in the organization
  • Uses of job evaluation
  • Know the numerous different output formats of Job Evolution (such as role summary, job accountability statement, job descriptions, and job profiles)
  • The role of the job analyst


Preparing a to carry out Job Evaluations

  • What to look for, who to speak to
  • Using Job Evaluation and competency based frameworks


Structure of a Job Evaluation

  • Organizational Structure
  • Job based (Job Evaluation, Job Descriptions)
  • Person based (Skills, Competencies)



  • Complete a Job Evaluation using Job Base or the Person Based approach
  • Compare the results and two approach as a group


Summary and Feedback

  • Review the Job Evaluation process and theories used
  • Review the Job Based and Evaluation Based approach




Learning Content

  • Job evaluation methodologies, Techniques and Processes
  • Job Analysis methodologies, Techniques and Processes
  • The Hay methodology, factor-based scheme, measuring the relative size of jobs within an organization;
  • The Hay Guide Chart Profile; 3 main elements, which are common to all jobs to one extent or another,
  • Know – How, level of knowledge, skill and experience (gained through job experience, education and training),
  • Scale and complexity of the job outcomes (accountability),
  • Problem Solving; complexity of thinking required, type of problems, (applying the Know – How).
  • Accountability; impact of the organization (the end result) and how the jobholder acts autonomously in achieving this.


Structure of the three elements of Job Evaluation

The three elements are broken down further into sub-elements:



  • Depth & Range of Know-How
  • Planning & Organizing
  • Communicating & Influencing (‘Human Relations Skills)


Problem Solving

  • Thinking Environment
  • Thinking Challenge



  • Freedom to Act
  • Nature of Impact
  • Area of Impact (Magnitude)



  • Compare the three element of Job Evaluation and the benefits of following this structured approach
  • As a group discuss the Hay ‘Guide Profile Scheme’ and how this applies to you organization.


Summary and Feedback

  • Review the Job Evaluation tools and techniques
  • Review the approach and it benefit in you organization




Development of Job Evaluation in Job Descriptions and Job Profiles

  • Understand the step-by-step guide to developing job descriptions and job profiles
  • Develop the skills required to write job descriptions and person specifications
  • Understand how to use job families to simplify Job Evaluation
  • Understand the link between Job Evaluation to job evaluation and grading and performance management
  • Know best-practice to communicate the results of Job Evaluation to employees
  • Understand how to use Job Evaluation to improve organizational design and development


Developing Job Evaluations into Job Description and Job Profiles

  • Applying Job Descriptions and Job Profiles to organizational goals
  • Using Job Descriptions and Job Profiles and a training tool


Structure of a Job Descriptions and Job Profile

  • Job Descriptions and Job Profiles layout and presentations
  • Methods and techniques of preparing job description
  • Managing performance and conducting reviews of organization and structure using Job Descriptions and Job Profiles



  • Review and compare different style and type of Job Descriptions and Job Profiles
  • Prepare a short presentation on the strength and weakness of the different types and styles of Job Descriptions and Job Profiles.


Summary and Feedback

  • Developing Job Evaluation into Job Description and Job Profiles
  • The application of Job Descriptions and Job Profile against organizational goals




Review of key points from day 1 to 3


Practical Exercise – carry out a full job evaluation (case studies to be given on the day)


By the end of the day you should have:


  • Built up an understanding of the processes involved in Job Evaluation, carrying out Job Evaluations to develop and implement them into Job Descriptions and Job Profiles.
  • Used the tools and techniques discussed in the training session
  • Developed a Job Evaluation form and carried out a Job Evaluation using the case studies provided
  • Developed these into a Job Description and Job Profiles.
  • Developed your ideas and show understanding against the objective of the program and the 3 days training.


The above practical activity will demonstrate and reinforce the participants understanding of the course and give the opportunity for practice in a controlled environment that is fully supported by the trainer.


Key Learning Review

  • Group discussion and professional feedback to consolidate key learning. Delegates will leave the day with a list of development activities to improve their job evaluation competency back at work.




Each delegate will be asked to complete a pre-course questionnaire to determine their individual learning objectives. These will be used by the trainer to give on track training that is focused on the individual learner attending.




The individual leaves this program with a Personal Action Plan to encourage immediate transfer of training to the job.




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