Job Evaluation – Equality and Drive in All Positions

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Job Evaluation – Equality and Drive in All Positions

Simon Wallace | 8th July 2014

Job evaluation is a systematic approach to determine the value or worth of a job in relation to other jobs to the organisation. This process allows the organisation to establish job grades that become a basis for a fair pay system while avoiding prejudice or discrimination and an imbalance with the conditions offered to similar jobs in the external market.

My observation is that many organisations fail to carry out effective job evaluation if done at all and that this serious oversight results in poor organisation alignment, low happiness, high attrition rates and depressed overall performance.

A great job evaluation process identifies the specific duties of each job holder, that in turn allows better job design and job descriptions; determines training needs for each job and encourages dialogue between managers and employees that improves overall levels of trust and motivation to deliver individual as well as organisation goals.

Job evaluation can be a complex activity but these 10 steps to effective job evaluation process will help those interested to change:

  1. Understand the organisations strategic direction and HR plan
  2. Form a job evaluation committee (that has authority right from the top)
  3. Gain acceptance to job evaluation (win over all key stakeholders before you start)
  4. Identify all jobs and evaluate (using job structure and job families for simplification)
  5. Analyse and job design (creating better job descriptions and person specifications)
  6. Select a method of evaluation (using analytical or non-analytical approach)
  7. Classify the jobs (allocating job groups or job classes)
  8. Agree the reward structure for all jobs
  9. Implement
  10. Review

How is your organisation’s job evaluation process?

Are you fairly paid and driven to deliver?

About the Author

Simon Wallace is founder of The Whole Thing Group and passionate about performance improvement. Creative entrepreneur and trusted advisor to some great companies that are achieving great things.

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