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This course is CPD Certified with each day equivalent to 6.5 hours of CPD

Executive Workplace Coaching

Duration : 6 sessions 

One to one Executive Workplace Coaching for Great Results



Executives at all levels and top talent in the organization that want to drive their individual development and improve their self-management competency so that they can get the very best results from their leadership, teams and colleagues in pursuit of their personal and organization’s goals.



Getting people to change is becoming increasingly important in our rapidly increasing work environment. Executive workplace coaching offers the executive the opportunity to take control, determine their direction and purpose and drive personal change in a very empowering way. Mastery of their coaching journey is vital for effective leader and leadership and driving personal and business growth.


Executive Workplace Coaching is a professional proven approach to executive coaching in the workplace that respects and practices the eleven core competencies promoted by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). The program is future orientated and takes a holistic view of the executive at work. The coach leads guides and challenges the executive in a private relaxed confidential environment facilitating a journey that focuses the executive on the knowledge, skills and attitude required to improve their overall performance at work.


The program is well researched, knowledge-based and designed with the individual learner at the centre of the learning process which means that the course is extremely interactive and powerful.



By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Operate a proven systematic approach to positive personal growth
  • Create an improved self-awareness of their current behaviour in the workplace
  • Self-appraise their current behavior and performance at work; arrange and apply action that will improve their behavior as a leader and in constructing leadership (that is develop the delegate towards the improvement goal agreed with the Client)
  • Identify, schedule and review action that become the focus of their coaching journey
  • Produce drive to sustain and self-regulate their development
  • Produce positive impact on the overall performance of the individual and the organization



The Whole Thing recommends the use of ILM72 Integrated Leadership Measure Questionnaires in this program; the results of this measure will help the individual as well as the assessor and any mentor develop the candidate in leader and leadership



The Coach will be employed to provide executive coaching and work with the Coachee over the next 6 months to lead, guide and challenge the Coachee to achieve his chosen goal.


Coaching sessions will be half day, that is 3-4hrs long or otherwise agreed and run monthly, meaning a total coaching journey of at least 18hrs. The Coach agrees to meet the Coachee for up to 2hrs of additional coaching through the period if required and provide reasonable telephone and email response as part of this arrangement at no extra cost. If more time is required then a separate fee will be negotiated. If either party cannot make an agreed session for whatever reason then the failing party should give the other a minimum of 24hrs notice and agree an alternative time and date during that call.


Key performance indicators will be agreed with the Client and Coachee prior to the first meeting and formal feedback will be given at the end of each month from both parties so that adjustments can be made if required. This feedback will be made on The Whole Thing Coach Feedback and Coachee Feedback Forms introduced separately.



The Client will identify and agree the improvement goal required with Coachee and communicate this to the Coach. This will be used by the Coach to give on track coaching that is focused on the individual Coachee.


The most appropriate: coaching format; content and approach; logistics and sequencing; and the format and frequency of feedback for this development solution will be discussed with you prior to the start of your program.


The Client, Coach and Coachee sign the Coaching Contract – copy available upon request.



The individual leaves this program with a personal development plan to encourage immediate transfer of training to the job.



All our coaching courses are evaluated at Kirkpatrick’s Reaction level as part of our quality control process as follows:


Level 1- Reaction- Coaching Course Evaluation Form

This coaching course evaluation form is used to maintain and improve the standards of our coaching courses.


The Whole Thing can help properly position and align all learning and development with business priorities to ensure that effective evaluation is possible. We encourage all our clients to agree measures prior to any intervention so that return on investment (ROI) and process gets attention.


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