Executive Coaching

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Executive Coaching

Fiona MacShannon-Hirst | 3rd April 2017

Question – Executive Coaching – isn’t that where poorly performing leaders are sent as a last resort?

Answer – that’s so far off the mark, you’re out of sight. Really, we can’t even see you anymore! Tell that to Sir Andy Murray who credits his coach as the catalyst in helping him become #1 in the world (if you dare!)

Tell that to the world’s fastest man, (if you can catch him), Usain Bolt who said “He has always made the right decisions for me. He is a guiding light in my career and he has shown me the way to improve myself both as a person and as an athlete,” when talking about his coach, Glen Mills.

Top athletes employ coaches to help them get to the next level. And they do so with pride, with thought and with an end goal in mind.

So why do some businesses still feel that a coach is a sign of weakness, an admittance of failure or something to keep secret?
Yet they will spend thousands for the services of a “business consultant” who, as one of my clients’ favours describing as “someone coming in to tell you what you already know and getting paid more than most of us for the privilege”

The old perception is no more. Executive Coaching is one of the most versatile and powerful change management tools available to organisations today.

When done intelligently, it draws out and builds on your strengths in leadership capabilities and allows focused direction, a “clearing of the mind”. Something we all need to do sometimes but never have the time. Imagine having the “me time” in a quiet and confidential environment to really challenge yourself, with no other distractions, and focus on you, your team, your business and personal growth. It’s the equivalent of locking the bathroom door and slipping into that bubbly water with some candles on the side (I favour a Yankee Candle, other brands are available) and listen to some relaxing music, clear your head and refocus.

Senior executives now acknowledge the real value of coaching and how it has informed them as leaders and influenced their value systems, the way they deal with other people or their approach to their work. They see and feel the benefits of that investment in themselves.

What difference have you seen if you’ve had coaching? Share

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About the Author

Fiona MacShannon-Hirst worked at The Whole Thing Group and has an infectious enthusiasm, energy and a passion for life. Special spirit and trusted partner.

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