Does Your Workforce Feel Valued?

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Does Your Workforce Feel Valued?

Vickie de Vries | 28th January 2015

Does Your Workforce Feel Valued? If you don’t know the answer to this question, then the answer is probably “no”.

If you have shown no obvious interest in your employees then the result is often, demotivated and under-performing employees.

Turn it around:

  • Ask your workforce for their opinions, use team meetings, organisational briefings, webcasts, newsletters or send out a questionnaire
  • Communicate changes that they have influenced already but perhaps were unaware of.
  • Share performance information and celebrate their successes
  • Follow through on promises.  Don’t just ask the questions, follow up on their suggestions and reply to all.

By getting everyone involved they are more likely to feel valued.  This needs to be a continuous process, not just a one off exercise.  Build the process into the calendar of the organisation and watch the performance grow!

This approach is working well for The Whole Thing!

How is your organisation making you happier?

Photo by Verne Ho on Unsplash

About the Author

Vickie de Vries  is a Senior Associate of  The Whole Thing Group and has an infectious enthusiasm, energy and a passion for the design, development and delivery of training solutions. Serial entrepreneur and trusted partner.

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