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Deb Gilby

Senior Associate at The Whole Thing Group, UK

Location: UK














Deb Gilby is a highly experienced consultant and training professional with over 30 years of combined IT and L&D background across Europe. She has worked in a wide range of business sectors including finance, food, IT, manufacturing, media & communications, retail, public sector and service-led organisations.


Deb’s market credibility comes from her knowledge and experience of a variety of market leading and bespoke IT systems and other applications and their practical use within modern business to promote effectiveness, efficiency and growth.


Deb’s combined IT and learning expertise has meant involvement in significant projects with major clients at all levels. For example, combining change management with trainer training for super-users during the rollout of a new IT system at GESeaco and delivering a mix of intra-personal, inter-personal and systems training including in-house retail & communications portal, use of bespoke iPad apps and lone worker security devices for BSkyB & Sky Ireland. Other major clients include Kerry Foods Group UK & Ireland, 3 UK & Ireland as well as Argos Direct.


Deb has a CIPD Certificate in Training Practice from University of Salford; a CIPD Certificate in On-line Learning from CIPD/Sheffield College. She holds a Kaizen Black Belt Award in Brain Friendly Learning and is a qualified NLP Business Practitioner. She is also a certified Tetramap Practitioner.


Deb is recognized for adopting a holistic approach to her IT integration projects, by ensuring pre-course delegate and line management consultation is backed up with post course action planning in order to embed and evaluate the success of the learning outcomes.


Design and delivery of bespoke and market leading IT systems and applications training interventions.


Phone: +44 131 541 2298| +44 07861 226260
Email: deb.gilby@thewholething.net

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