Covid-19 - To all our circles

COVID-19 – To all in our circles

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COVID-19 – To all in our circles
Simon Wallace | 24th March 2020

To all our clients, friends and those that we have not yet reached we wish you, your family and respective businesses good health through these challenging times.

We are now in lock down in both the UK and the UAE, working from home, challenged with self-regulation, separation and maintaining morale plus business at a distance.

Strong leadership, compassion, faith and unity will pull us through and out of this terrible situation. Like each rock seen in the stack in this picture we / you need to be solid, supporting, uplifting, physically and mentally strong.

Keep active, do positive things with a positive attitude and support those in your circles.

God bless to all health workers fighting this pandemic, our family members included.

Stay safe,

Simon Wallace

Group MD – The Whole Thing Group

Photo by Markus Spiske

About the Author

Simon Wallace is founder of The Whole Thing Group and passionate about performance improvement. Creative entrepreneur and trusted advisor to some great companies that are achieving great things.

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