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This course is CPD Certified with each day equivalent to 6.5 hours of CPD

Business Communication

Duration : 1 day 

Effective Business Communication Skills for the Sales Representative that Captures and Builds Trust for Great Sales Results  






Sales personnel at all levels that want to improve their business communication competency so that they can get the very best results from their selling in pursuit maximum sales performance and the organization’s goals. 



Business Communication is a key life and management skill. Great communication practice in any situation results in clarity, drive and less resistance to change, which ultimately translates into great performance and great selling results. The need for effective communication at all levels of a sales organization is illustrated by the complexity and fast changing nature of the global environment. Mastery of effective business communication practice is vital for effective selling that drive great results. 


Business Communication is a proven approach to effective business communication practice that considers the fundamentals of the communication process with particular emphasis on style and approach as it is these areas that we often find communication in sales fails. The program takes a holistic view of communication and introduces the delegate to the knowledge, skills and attitude required to effectively and confidently communicate at any level for trust, motivation and great selling results.  


The program is well researched, knowledge-based and designed with the individual learner at the centre of the learning process which means that the course is extremely interactive and practical. 



By the end of this course delegates will be able to: 

  • Determine business communication for the sales representative 
  • Determine the impact that communication has on sales performance   
  • Determine effective business communication style and strategy for maximum impact 
  • Identify business writing strategy and style for effective; introduction; proposal submission and maintenance of business relationships  
  • Develop and practice key business interpersonal and writing communication skills  
  • Produce drive to self-develop in business communication  
  • Produce positive impact on the overall performance of each delegate and the organization




Business Communication 

  • What is it? Why do we do it? How do we do it?  
  • Activity – understanding who, why, how of communication 


Understanding Influencing Factors 

  • Identifying Influencing Factors  
  • Minimizing Assumptions, Preconceptions and Prejudices  
  • Understanding the Situation or Environment 
  • Activity – How can you influence me? Situations to review 


Using Communication Tools  

  • Understanding Delivery Methods  
  • Selecting Words & Using Tone and Sincerity 
  • Activity – Effective & Less Effective Words 
  • Using Visual Communication  
  • Selecting the Correct Channel/s 


Communicating in the Workplace  

  • Writing Effective Sentences  
  • Using Active Voice  
  • Activity – Passive to active, change the sentence not the meaning 
  • Proposal Construction 
  • Activity – Draft proposal for provision of crockery to hotel chain 
  • Proofreading Suggestions  
  • Using Telephone and Voice Mail Etiquette  
  • Placing Calls & Answering Calls  
  • Using Voice Mail 
  • Using E-mail Etiquette  
  • Understanding E-mail Guidelines  


Maintaining Business Relationships 

  • Why maintain your relationships? 
  • Activity – Relationship Health Check 
  • What actions could you & should you take? 



  • Know your purpose and your pitch 
  • Networking Etiquette 
  • Activity – where can you network? Group discussion and action planning 


Key Learning Review 

  • Group discussion and professional feedback to consolidate key learning. Delegates will leave the day with a list of development activities to improve their business communication competency back at work. 



Each delegate will be asked to complete a pre-course questionnaire to determine their individual learning objectives. These will be used by the trainer to give on track training that is focused on the individual learner attending. 


The most appropriate training format, content and approach for this course will be discussed with you prior to the start of your course.  



The individual leaves this program with a personal action plan to encourage immediate transfer of training to the job.  



All our courses are evaluated at Kirkpatrick’s Reaction and Learning levels as part of our quality control process as follows: 


Level 1- Reaction- Training Course Evaluation Form  

This training course evaluation form is used to maintain and improve the standards of our training courses. 


Level 2- Learning- Pre and Post Training Test 

The test is confidential and used to evaluate our training, not the delegate. The results help us answer the question “Did people learn what we wanted them to learn from the training?” This test is run at the beginning and at the end of this training course. 


The Whole Thing can help properly position and align all learning and development with business priorities to ensure that effective evaluation is possible. We encourage all our clients to agree measures prior to any intervention so that return on investment (ROI) and process gets attention. 


Please contact The Whole Thing to explore the many ways that we can help you.  



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