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This course is CPD Certified with each day equivalent to 6.5 hours of CPD

Assertiveness Skills at Work

Duration : 1 day

Assertiveness Skills that Build Confidence and Help Deal with Different and often Difficult Situations for Great Results




Staff at all levels in the organization that wants to improve their assertiveness competency so that they can get the very best results from their leadership, teams and colleagues in pursuit of maximum personal growth and the organization’s goals.




Assertiveness is standing up for your right to be treated fairly. It is expressing your opinions, needs, and feelings, without ignoring or hurting the opinions, needs, and feelings of others. Most people want to be liked and thought of as ‘nice’ or ‘easy to get along with’ and so they often keep their opinions to themselves, especially if those opinions would conflict with other people’s opinions. But this sometimes leads to being taken advantage of by people who are not as nice or considerate. Asserting yourself will stop others from cheating you and you from cheating yourself out of what you deserve. Mastery of assertiveness is considered vital for effective leader and leadership and driving business growth.


Assertiveness Skills at Work is a proven and very straightforward approach to assertiveness that covers all aspects of being assertive particular attention given to mind-set and managing challenging situations as it is in these areas where we often see assertive behaviour fail. The program takes a holistic view of assertiveness and introduces the delegate to the knowledge, skills and attitude required to develop assertive behaviour that helps deal with any different or difficult situation at work for great results.


The program is well researched, knowledge-based and designed with the individual learner at the centre of the learning process which means that the course is extremely interactive and practical.




By the end of this course delegates will be able to:


✓ Determine the difference between aggressive, passive, and assertive behaviours

✓ Determine a key assertiveness skills and techniques

✓ Develop increased self-esteem and confidence when dealing with difficult situations

✓ Develop improved communication and interpersonal skills

✓ Identify your own behavioural style and that of others

✓ Practice new knowledge learnt before returning to work

✓ Produce drive to self-develop creative thinking

✓ Produce positive impact on the overall performance of each delegate and the organization






Understanding assertive behaviour

  • Defining assertiveness in the workplace
  • Identify the link between assertiveness and work/life balance
  • Identifying behaviours linked with assertiveness
  • Introduction to assertiveness techniques to say no and make requests
  • Activity – What is Assertiveness Questionnaire


Recognise the Link Between Assertiveness, Confidence and Self-esteem

  • Distinguishing between assertive, aggressive and passive behaviour
  • Self-assessment of your style – the associated strengths and weaknesses
  • Activity – Self Assessment of your assertiveness
  • Recognising your own style and behaviours
  • Techniques to build self-esteem and confidence


Handle Challenging Situations and People Confidently and Assertively

  • Tackling barriers to assertiveness
  • Confronting individual challenges which occur in the workplace
  • Working proactively to prevent future challenges in the workplace
  • Activity – Review of own work situations & plan to tackle them differently
  • Giving and receiving constructive feedback


Assertiveness and body language 

  • Taking control through positive body language
  • Responding appropriately to the body language of others in the workplace
  • Using assertive and positive language – making your message clear
  • Building rapport to maintain relationships


Planning Your Personal Strategy for Dealing with Assertive Behaviour

  • Activity – Develop a personal application plan to increase your assertiveness, self-esteem and self- confidence.


Key Learning Review

  • Group discussion and professional feedback to consolidate key learning. Delegates will leave the day with a list of development activities to improve their assertiveness competency back at work.




The delegates attending this course will be asked to prepare thought and a list of 10 creative thinking ideas that they have used with success. Each will then deliver this list as part of the introduction and as an icebreaker to this course.




Each delegate will be asked to complete a pre-course questionnaire to determine their individual learning objectives. These will be used by the trainer to give on track training that is focused on the individual learner attending.




The individual leaves this program with a Personal Action Plan to encourage immediate transfer of training to the job.




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