Success: S = P – E

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Simon Wallace | 13th September 2018

Success: S = P – E, probably the most important formula in performance management!

I met a very wise man a couple of years back, now wiser retired and most probably on a golf course, that shared this simple formula with me:

Success (S) = Performance (P) – Expectation (E)

This simple formula for calculating success has since helped me approach all challenges and achieve my objective – to overdeliver every single time.

If your objective is like mine then the first step to success is to establish and manage expectations; this focus can then be made SMART and success easily identified following your effort(s).

What is your manager’s expectation of you?

What is your expectation of them?

How successful are you/they?

Thank you Nigel for sharing this formula with me, I love it.

Photo by Samuel Zeller

This picture was taken in Montreux, Switzerland – one of my favourite places in the world, naturally stunning. 🙂

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