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This course is CPD Certified with each day equivalent to 6.5 hours of CPD

The Whole Thing has strategic associations with respected Publishers of leading edge, high quality psychometric measures, innovative tools and techniques that allow for improved recruitment, selection and development results.


Research confirms that the most accurate, holistic view of a candidate is achieved when psychometric assessments are used together with other methods, such as assessment centres and interviews.


Our combined team of Psychologists, experienced HR and assessment professionals allow us to provide you with a complete assessment and development service:


Assessment and Development Centres

  • 360 Assessment
  • Assessment Centre + Development Centre (Design and Operation)


Assessment Centres and Development Centres, where properly constructed and conducted, provide management the data on the relevant characteristics in which they are especially interested at a level of predictive accuracy, which is difficult to achieve by any other means – probably the most powerful tool available to managements to predict performance and behaviour.


Psychometric Measures and Tools

  • Abilities, Interests and Personality
  • Integrated Leadership Measure
  • Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQI)
  • Mental Toughness Questionnaire
  • Team Work Orientation
  • Team Management Profile


Psychometric assessments are the most cost effective tool for predicting future job performance. They provide an objective and standardised view of a range of candidate competencies, such as knowledge, abilities and personality.


Psychometric assessments supply an organisation with valuable information about an individual. These assessments produce results which can be compared against established industry benchmarks, providing a clear positioning of candidates’ potential to perform against large, relevant occupational groups.


Psychometric assessment:

  • Provides valid and reliable data at interviews
  • Encourage consistency in recruitment
  • Protects and develop the culture of your workplace
  • Saves time and money



All our training is CPD Certified.


The Whole Thing are not affiliated with any test publisher and can provide impartial and informed advice on the best psychometric assessments to use based on your needs and empirical evidence.


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